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Welcome to the new home of the Progressive Librarians Guild! Here, you'll be able to become a PLG member, see what chapters and members are up to, read our journal, access useful resources and so much more! Check it out and don't forget to let us know how you're representing progressive librarianship in your community via the listserv, Facebook, and Twitter.

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01 | PLG blogs launched

| 17.07.2017 | PLG blogs in English and in Spanish have been launched.

02 | New Progressive Librarian issue!

Progressive Librarians Guild | 15.05.2017 | Issue #45 of Progressive Librarian (Winter 2016/2017) has been published, and articles are available for download!

03 | PLG activities in Chicago!

Progressive Librarians Guild | 01.07.2017 | Check PLG's activities at ALA Annual in Chicago (June 22-27, 2017). Don't miss the pictures!

04 | Miriam Braverman Memorial Prize 2017

| 23.05.2017 | Matthew Weirick Johnson is the 2017 winner of the Miriam Braverman Memorial Prize for his essay Personal Health Data, Surveillance, & Biopolitics: Toward a Personal Health Data Information Literacy. See the press release.

05 | Open Letter to Evanston

| 06.05.2017 | PLG-CC Open Letter to Evanston Public Library Board and Director.

06 | Response to petition

| 23.04.2017 | PLG-CC responds to petition "Protect Feminist Books at Vancouver Women's Library".