Progressive Librarians Guild
radical views on library & info issues

Progressive Librarian | Issue #12/13

Spring/Summer 1997


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The End of Information & the Future of Libraries
by Phil Agre, page 1 [.pdf file]

A House Divided Against Itself: ACRL leadership, Academic Freedom & Electronic Resources
by John Buschman, page 7 [.pdf file]

A Primer on WIPO
by James Love, page 18 [.pdf file]

Corporate Inroads & Librarianship: The Fight for the Soul of the Profession in the New Millennium
by Peter McDonald, page 32 [.pdf file]

GII: Global Power Grab
by Vigdor Schreibman, page 45 [.pdf file]


Speech by the Superintendent of Documents at ALA
page 49 [.pdf file]

Statement of Robert L. Oakley on the GPO Budget
page 53 [.pdf file]

Notes from the Front Lines at San Francisco Public Library
page 60 [.pdf file]

From France: Libraries Losing their Reason
page 63 [.pdf file]


Book review: The Myth of the Electronic Library, by William F. Birdsall's
reviewed by Mark Rosenzweig, page 69 [.pdf file]

7 Years of Progressive Librarian. Tables of Contents
page 71 [.pdf file]

Notes on Contributors
page 76 [.pdf file]