Progressive Librarian Issue no. 29, Summer 2007

Entire contents in .pdf


On Anonymity in Libraryland Blogging
by John Buschman, Mark Rosenzweig & Kathleen de la Peña McCook, page 3


Cataloging the Path to a New Dark Age: a taxonomy of the Bush administration's pervasive crusade against scientific communication
by Patricia Dawson & Diane K. Campbell, page 8

The Road to the Iraq War: an annotated bibliography
by Thomas Ayers, page 18

Talkin' 'bout My (Neoliberal) Generation: three theses
by John Buschman, page 28

The Internet's Root of Power
by Dan Schiller, page 41

Librarians Take a Stand on Darfur
by Al Kagan, page 47

Librarians as Advocates for the Human Rights of Immigrants
by Kathleen de la Peña McCook, page 51


Towards a Progressive Discourse on Community Needs Assessment: perspectives from collaborative ethnography and action research
by Marcel A.Q. LaFlamme, page 55


Resolution on Darfur Genocide, American Library Association
page 63

Petition to the UN General Assembly to Set Up an International Criminal Tribunal to Try President George Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
page 64


Never Be Silent: Publishing & Imperialism in Kenya 1884- 1963, by Shiraz Durrani
Reviewed by Al Kagan, page 66

Censoring Culture: Contemporary Threats to Free Expression, edited by Robert Atkins & Svetlana Mintcheva
Reviewed by Mark Hudson, 68

The Library as Place: History, Community, and Culture, by John Buschman and Gloria J. Leckie
reviewed by John M. Budd, page 71

Librarianship and Human Rights: A Twenty-First Century Guide, by Toni Samek
Reviewed by John Buschman, page 73

Library Juice Concentrate, edited and mostly written by Rory Litwin
Reviewed by Douglas Raber, page 75

Globalisation, Information and Libraries: The implications of the World Trade Organisation's GATS and TRIPS Agreements, by Ruth Rikowski
Reviewed by Samuel E. Trosow, page 79

Constraining Public Libraries: The World Trade Organization's General Agreement on Trade in Services, by Samuel E. Trosow and Kirsti Nilsen
Reviewed by Ruth Rikowksi, page 82