Progressive Librarian Issue no.42, summer 2014

Entire contents in .pdf


Racism and “Freedom of Speech”: Framing the Issues
by Al Kagan, page 4


Abandoning Snowden... and Privacy? – Hegemony at Play in ALA
by Elaine Harger, page 10

Librarians as Wikipedians: From Library History to “Librarianship
and Human Rights” by Kathleen de la Peña McCook, page 61

Making Space for Silenced Histories: National History, Personal
Archives, and the WWII Japanese American Internment
by Amy Lau, page 82

E-Lending and Libraries: Toward a De-Commercialization of the Commons
by Michael M. Widdersheim, page 95


Deconstructing the “Books for Boys” Discourse
by Denise Scott, page 115


“The Union Can’t Sit Idly By”: 2013 Union Review
by Sarah Barriage, page 123


Every Thing Determines Everything: Embracing the Flux of
Academic Librarianship to Co-Author Meaningful Change
by Stephen Bales, page 137

A report on the Librarians and Archivists to Palestine Delegation,
June 23-July 4, 2013 by Blair Kuntz, page 153

Librarians and Archivists to Palestine: Solidarity Statement, page 167
Librarians and Archivists to Palestine, zine excerpts, page  172
1978 BCALA Statement on “The Speaker,” page 185


“A book is a miracle...”
by Jorge Riechmann, page 190

Library 2020: Today’s Leading Visionaries Describe Tomorrow’s Library
by Joseph Janes

Reflecting on the Future of Academics and Public Libraries
by Peter Hernon and Joseph R. Matthews, reviewed by Michael E. Matthews page 191

Progressive Librarianship: Perspectives from Kenya and Britain, 1979-2010
by Shiraz Durrani, reviewed by Al Kagan, page 201

Feminist Pedagogy for Library Instruction
by Maria T. Accardi, reviewed by Emily Deal, page 205

Focus on Educating for Sustainability: Toolkit for Academic Libraries
edited by Maria Anna Jankowska, reviewed by Patricia Brown, page 208

The Green Library Planner: What Every Librarian Needs to Know before Starting to Build or Renovate
by Mary M. Carr, reviewed by Stephanie Braunstein page 211

The Library Juice Press Handbook of Intellectual Freedom: Concepts, Cases, and Theories
edited by M. Alfino & L. Koltutsky, reviewed by Michael M. Widdersheim, page 214

Information Literacy and Social Justice: Radical Professional Praxis
edited by Lua Gregory & Shana Higgins, reviewed by Kenny Garcia, page 217

Transforming Young Adult Services
edited by Anthony Bernier, reviewed by Jude Morrissey, page 221