Progressive Librarian Issue no.43, winter 2014/2015

Entire contents in .pdf


Organize and Assemble IV Conference Proceedings: An Introduction by the 2014 Symposium Organizing Committee, page 3


The Edmonton PLG: Our First Five Years by Braden Cannon, page 5

The Commodification of Information and the Public Good: New Challenges for a Progressive Librarianship by Samuel E. Trosow, page 17

Response to Dr. Samuel E. Trosow’s Keynote Address by Michael B. McNally, page 30

You Say You Want a Publishing Revolution by Robyn Hall, page 35

Balancing Visions and Values: An exploration of market rhetoric in Canadian academic library strategic plans by Courtney Waugh, page 47

Human Rights and Access to Information by Bartlomiej Lenart and Miranda Koshelek, page 57

Neoliberalism and Library & Information Science: Using Karl Polanyi’s Fictitious Commodity as an Alternative to Neoliberal Conceptions of Information by Jonathan Cope, page 67

Critiquing and Conveying Information about Fracking through Song Parody: The Annotated Libretto of Frackville, the Horizontally\Drilled Musical, with Interpolated Bibliography
by Wendy Highby, page 8


Showing Solidarity: 2014 Union Review by Sarah Barriage, page 102