Progressive Librarian Issue no.44, spring 2016

Entire contents in .pdf


Against Technopolistic Librarianship, by Mark Hudson, p. 3


Moving Beyond Diversity to Social Justice: A Call to Action for Academic Libraries by Katy Mathuews, p. 6

Academic Libraries, Veterans, and For-Profit Higher Education: Exploiting the Vulnerable, by John P. Irwin, p. 28

The Race to Stop the Apocalypse: An Analysis of the Librarians for Nuclear Arms Control Almanac, 1984-1990 by Kathryn R. Garcia and Brett Spencer, p. 40

ALA, IFLA, and Israel/Palestine, by Al Kagan p. 68

“Don’t Trust Anyone Over the Age of 30”: Youth Empowerment and Community Archives, by Nathaniel Moore p. 93


Intellectual Freedom Is Not Social Justice: The Symbolic Capital of Intellectual Freedom in ALA Accreditation and LIS Curricula, by Kyle Shockey p. 101


“A Seat at the Table:” 2015 Union Review, by Sarah Barriage p. 111


Memories of Dr. Miriam R. G. Braverman (1920-2002), by Andrew Jackson(Sekou Molefi Baako) p. 120

Mississippi Summer – 50th Anniversary Reprint, by Miriam Braverman p. 124


Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries. p. 127

Resolution for Restoring Civil Liberties and Opposing Mass Surveillance. p.129

Resolution against Islamophobia,  p. 131


Identity Palimpsests: Archiving Ethnicity in the U.S. and Canada by Dominique Daniel and Amalia Levi, reviewed by Lincoln Cushing p. 133