PLG Resolution on Divestment of Holdings in Fossil Fuel Companies and Libraries’ Role in a Peaceful Transition to a Fossil-Fuel-Free Economy

Whereas the Progressive Librarians Guild recognizes climate change as a
serious problem for humanity and the planet;

Whereas in light of alarming evidence of the extent anthropogenic CO2
emissions are having on climate change, the organization has
launched a divestment campaign, supported by individuals such as Bishop
Desmond Tutu, economist Naomi Klein, and activist Van Jones, prompting
municipalities and institutions of higher learning across the country to
divest holdings in fossil fuel industries;

Whereas precedence regarding divestment can be found in the 1980s campaign
against South African apartheid when divestment and boycotts were used
as tools for non-violent political change;

Whereas global climate change and resource depletion is prompting military
authorities to prepare for inevitable social instability, which in the U.S. will
likely be exacerbated by a culture of violence and racism unless steps are
taken to address and mitigate these tendencies;

Whereas libraries and communities have witnessed the impacts of climate
change in the form of increasingly powerful floods, hurricanes, tornados,
wildfires, agricultural damage, and rising sea-levels;

Whereas organizations representing many institutional investors have called
on governments to “develop workable frameworks that will reduce climate
risk and support low carbon investment”; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Progressive Librarians Guild:

1. encourages PLG members to work within their workplaces and communities
to join the fossil fuel divestment movement and

2. to begin community conversations about what will be necessary to ensure a
peaceful transition to fossil-fuel-free economy.

Approved by PLG members, 30 June 2013, Chicago

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