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About the Site

HTML5 and CSS3 were used in the making of this site, so you should have the most recent version of your browser to ensure the best accessibility. Please select your browser from the below list to update to the latest version:

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Updates to this site are made every few weeks, so please check back as information changes. You can also subscribe to the News Feed or the PLGNET-L email discussion list to stay informed of important updates on organization activites and interests.

PLG contact information is on the Contact Us page. You can also connect with PLG through both ALAConnect and Facebook.

If you're unsure of where to find the information you're looking for, please see the Site Index.

About the Site Creator

This site was constructed as part class project, part volunteer project (and labor of love) for the Progressive Librarians Guild by Sarah Henriksson. The intent was to bring a new look to the old, out-dated website that the PLG had been using prior to the upgrade. Sarah is currently an MLIS student at San Jose State University who also works full-time as the librarian at a trade school in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has done basic HTML coding for websites--the old website for the library in which she works and the PLG's old website--for well over two years.

Sarah was introduced to the PLG by one of her first instructors, Susan Maret, who is on the PLG Editorial Board. Now an honorary PLG member, Sarah has continued to assist the organization by volunteering to help maintain the website. You can connect with her through her blog and Twitter.

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