Mexican Circle of Progressive Studies on Librarianship

PLG members at the ALA mid-winter 2000 conference met with a representative of a group which wishes to establish a PLG-like group in Mexico. We are happy to present below a translation of their mission statement. We look forward to joint work and mental support in the future!

Mark Rosenzweig
co-editor, Progressive Librarian


In Mexico, libraries and information centers are generally institutions which have been created and developed, not on an original, indigenous model, but in imitation of library practices from the First World countries.

Regrettably, on the other hand, libraries here have often been used for government/political purposes and to promote official political campaigns.

These are among the principal reasons why Mexican libraries don't have an appropriate plan for development.

We are conscious of the fact that libraries and information centers have been created without a clear commitment to the social classes they must serve. We also think that libraries here have become one of the resources globalization has used to reinforce its power.

Since library education in Mexico is based on a technical and management perspective, Mexican librarians don't realize the importance of linking librarianship with work in politics, sociology and other fields. Librarians participation and resistance against unilateral decisions is scarcely visible.

Recognizing that democratic libraries and information centers can contribute to the transformation of social structures, our group is founded to promote the real participation of the Mexican library community in the political and social aspects of librarianship as well as contributing to the support of social movements and of non-governmental groups that fight for a Mexico with justice and social equity.